Soul Recharge Guided Visualization
Soul Recharge Guided Visualization
Soul Recharge Guided Visualization

Soul Recharge Guided Visualization

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5 x STAFF PICK - Insight Timer

Use this powerful visualization to reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit.
The visualization​ is designed to not only clear your energy field but also to recharge you so you can feel your full power. 

In this 15-minute journey, you will feel safe, and you will feel connected to the world around you.  You will be reminded of your soul's purpose, but also how to connect to that while you are having this very human experience.  The link between the two is infinite and this visualization teaches you how to harness the energy of both your human body and your soul.  It helps tie the two together in a way that you may never have experienced before.

Once you understand your full power and potential you can create anything you dream of in your life. 

Some of our clients use this visualization every day.  Some use it at least once/week.  Make sure to give yourself a window of rest of at least 30 minutes after the first time you listen to this visualization to give yourself time to digest all that you have learned and processed.  Some clients report feeling pure bliss following the visualization.  Others report being in tears because they are overcome with joy and appreciation. 

Each experience is as unique as the listener.  

It's best to download the file and add it to your music library so you are not interrupted during the visualization.

Click here to learn how to save this file to your computer/iTunes once you have downloaded it:

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