Gratitude Visualization – Sleeping Version

Gratitude Visualization – Sleeping Version

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The Gratitude Meditation is a guided meditation that uses imagery, breathing and relaxation techniques to bring clients into a deeply calm state of being.

It can be difficult to connect with the power of gratitude when you are struggling, or have hit a bump in the road.  This meditation is designed to help you reach a state of deep rest so you can FEEL gratitude.  That feeling place will help you reach a level of internal peace that only a state of gratitude can provide.

Clients have found this guided practice to be transformative in their journey of self-healing, including enhanced physical and emotional well-being, and a deeper connection to their spiritual selves. Regular practice of this meditation invokes a heightened state of gratitude, appreciation and connection to one’s life. Through these changes in “state” clients become clearer on the personal goals they desire to achieve and have greatly enhanced ability to manifest these goals.

** This version is best suited for use at bedtime

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