Accepting Yourself Guided Visualization – Waking Version

Accepting Yourself Guided Visualization – Waking Version

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We know that self-acceptance is the key to living a fulfilled and joyful life. But sometimes the road to self-acceptance can be paved with battles with one’s inner critic, comparisons to others, and a restrictive state of despair. This particular mediation is your companion on that journey – a trusted and knowing guide that can quiet the inner critic and turn your attention to your authentic self. Because this is an effective tool for deep relaxation, the powerful and positive suggestions delivered throughout are able to make their way into your subconscious. From this place, the suggestions have a profound effect by replacing harmful messages with productive thoughts. 

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin is a gift to you and to the world. This is where it begins.

** This version is best suited for daytime use

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