"The Relief Spray was a great assist to my weary aching joints. An acute onset of sore ankles and back left me feeling way older that I should have. The soothing combination of Sports Recovery's ingredients helped give me relief and is a contributor to me feeling better that I was before. Thank you for bringing such a unique blend of ingredients together!"  

Claire Synman, Health Advocate, www.clairesnyman.com

I'm using the Relief Spray 5 times/day on my feet.  I'm still in awe at how much better my feet are.  The right foot was painful to the touch and nearly unbearable to put weight on.  My heel was so tender it hurt to slide in and out of my sneakers.  I was losing hope.  This feels miraculous to me.

Lizzie Lau, Writer, www.lizzielau.com

The rest that I get when I use the Bedtime spray compared to when I don't is completely different.  I am a very active person, with an active mind and lifestyle.  I'm self-employed and I wake up bright and early at 5 am having had a restful, deep sleep.  WITHOUT the spray I'm fidgety at night and it takes me longer to fall asleep. I'll be using this spray for the rest of time.

David Ford, Director, www.sparomortgage.ca

“After 3 years of prescription sleeping pills, it became obvious that I needed a more natural and effective method for a restful sleep each night. 
I was introduced to the Bedtime spray. After a few days of letting three years of zopliclone clear from my body, I started with the spray. Within days I was experiencing a deep and full night’s sleep. 
I’m sharper and more energetic the next day. I am so grateful for this spray." 

Dave Smith, President, www.smithwerks.ca

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